Since 1998, clients’ moderator-of-choice. Insightful, strategic, engaged, affable, reliable.

An independent qualitative research consultant who’s regularly entrusted with the “tough” assignments – and who’s ready to handle your next qualitative research project.

Perspective and instinct from 30+ years in marketing research

A wide range of clients and industries in both B2C and B2B, with an emphasis in automotive. Known for anticipating client questions before clients ask them.

Experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research

Helps you enhance understanding of your data and shape subsequent quant design with qualitative insights. Knows how qual should – and shouldn’t – be used.

Client-side and supplier-side experience

Understands supplier dynamics as well as the ultimate need to satisfy the end client’s objectives – because everybody has clients.


Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Customer Base

How do your target customers perceive you, your brand or your products? How do they see your competition? What new opportunities and threats are arising? Learn more about your customer base to grow your business and improve your profitability.

Qualitative Methods

In partnership with you and your team, Hilker Research & Consulting works first to understand your issues – then proposes the right study design and methods to uncover relevant customer insights.


  • Traditional focus groups
  • Mini-groups, dyads/triads, one-on-ones
  • Home visits/ethnographies
  • Shop-alongs


  • Webcam groups and one-on-ones
  • Asynchronous bulletin-boards
  • Mobile engagement
  • Chat groups

Qualitative Tools

  • Needs exploration and laddering
  • Imagery and metaphors
  • Ideation/brainstorming
  • Customer homework exercises

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How We Can Help You

Each research study is a fresh opportunity to listen to your customers. In partnership with your research team, Walt will:

Help you identify your issues and objectives

Craft your issues into clear, creative queries

Listen to what your customers say (and don’t say)

Consider the implications of the research findings

Ready To Partner With Your Research Team